The Big Bang

Season three comes to an explosive end!

Incarcerated at the county jail, Michael gets help from an unexpected visitor: DR. PETER BURNS. Apparently the whole time he’s been gone he was just lying low on the advice of his excellent attorney, who’s cleared him on all legal charges. Peter does still need to convince the medical board not to pull his license, which is why he’s going to bail Michael out: to extort him into extolling Peter’s skills as a doctor, which Michael is all too willing to do. (Peter’s also romancing Kimberly all of a sudden, but that couldn’t be so that she will ALSO vouch for him with the medical board…could it?!) Kimberly’s mirror antagonist is also still around, and urging her to do harm to all the people who are trying to destroy her life; she doesn’t need much convincing. Billy and Brooke are hurtling toward the altar, telling Hayley they want to hold the ceremony in a matter of days. Amanda is thrilled to be the one to tell Alison, when she phones the agency looking for Brooke, about the engagement. Alison calls Jo to get her advice on what to do, but makes the mistake of calling at dinner time; Jess grabs the phone away from Jo in the first of several controlling, intimidating, and violent moves against her. So while Alison may want Jo’s help in stopping Brooke and Billy’s wedding, Jo’s…kind of got her own problems at the moment. Speaking of problems: Paul assures Matt that he’s got one less, since Carol has moved out. Now they can start having their relationship out in the open! Paul will even give Matt a key to the house! Things sure are going well for Matt! It seems! Things AREN’T going so well for Jane, since the money she got from Sydney didn’t cover all her debt, and now the company’s in foreclosure. Finding out Amanda’s newest client is Mackenzie Hart, Jane’s biggest design idol, spurs her to contrive a meeting with the company’s CEO, Mackenzie’s husband Richard, to try to get a job. It works! Jane also gets a date, and then some, not knowing how complicated things are between the Harts. How do all these plotlines come together to send us off into the summer hiatus DYING to know what happens next? We’ll tell all in our BIG podcast on this two-part season finale, “The Big Bang”!