The Bitch Is Back

Kimberly comes out of the shadows and changes everyone's life.

After a minimal amount of lurking about just far enough away to make Michael doubt what he’s actually seeing, Kimberly enters the beach house and gets close enough to let Michael touch her and know that, yes, she’s really there, and really alive; her mother just lied to him to try to get him out of Kimberly’s life, but now Kimberly’s all better and ready to pick back up like the past five months never happened! When Michael sheepishly confesses that, during that time, he married Sydney (though not specifically why), she orders him to get out of it, and since Kimberly’s return means Sydney’s blackmail material is worthless, it’s pretty easy! Michael gloats about how great it is to put one over on their enemies, and maybe Kimberly would join him if she wasn’t still having so many terrible headaches…. Jo’s happy to be working with an adorable young model named Sarah, until Amanda shows up at the shoot and fires her on the spot. D&D NEVER works with ANYone from Sarah’s agency! Only after the head of the agency calls Bruce to chew him out and demand an apology from Amanda to we find out what her problem is with Models Inc.: said agency head is Hillary Michaels, the mother who left Amanda and her father when Amanda was a child. Now that they’ve reconnected, Hillary desperately wants to try to have a relationship with Amanda again; Amanda’s not so sure. Since Alison’s parents won’t be around until right before the wedding, they want to help by paying for a local wedding planner. Too bad Sheila is bossy and abrasive — and not in the way where we’d enjoy seeing Billy (or “William,” as she insists on calling him) and Alison victimized by her. Put on your headphones: two bitches are back with a podcast on “The Bitch Is Back”!