The Bobby Trap

All it takes for Jane to get her confidence back is nearly drowning in the Pacific Ocean!

Sarah is out this week spending time with family, so we welcome Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan — authors, fashion bloggers, and longtime Melrose Place fans — as our guest co-hosts…. It’s pretty wild how Sydney’s choice to abandon a partially paralyzed woman on the beach and leave her at the mercy of the tides has really sent everyone in their orbit into a tizz! Sydney herself is worried that people think she purposely tried to kill Jane and desperately doing damage control. Michael, still not convinced by any of Sydney’s stories, contrives a scheme to force Kimberly to tell him the truth about the incident. And Jake is just as attracted to the partially incapacitated Jane as Michael was. But fortunately, Jane is determined never to be as helpless as she was on that beach: she doubles her PT sessions, and even pitches in at the studio to help Richard and his designs land a deal with a distributor! Now that she’s on top of the world, what’s left for Jane but to start making terrible decisions?! Bobby’s father Vincent gets sick of waiting for Bobby to avenge Jack’s death and orders Bobby back to Miami. Not only doesn’t Bobby comply, but he pre-emptively hustles Amanda out of town in case Vincent hires anyone else to do the job. At the same time, Peter is still working Alycia for information on Bobby’s business…or just for the usual sexy reasons. Brooke begs Alison for help getting Billy to talk to her, trading on their temporary step-relationship. And seeing Alan at work is the first time it’s ever occurred to Matt that Alan might be closeted for the sake of his career. Will Matt hang with Alan’s choice, or strike something up with the hospital’s new gay social worker? Don’t try to get out of our podcast on “The Bobby Trap”!