The Brooke Stops Here

Brooke chooses the very darkest path to do it, but you...can't say it doesn't get her everything she wants!

In the aftermath of Brooke’s suicide attempt, a guilt-ridden Billy does everything he can think of to fulfill what he thinks are her wishes: he tells her he loves her; he gets rid of Alison; he demands that Amanda give Brooke her job back; he even cleans the bathroom floor! So if Brooke assumes they’re fully back on track and that she can resume using him to try to make that baby she needs, who can really blame her? Peter confronts Bobby and Amanda about their New Year’s kiss, though the result is probably not what he was hoping. After overhearing Jane, Jo, and Alison discussing who might have drugged Jane, Sydney follows Kimberly’s advice to cast suspicion on the OTHER most likely culprit, Richard, by planting her pills in his office. And when Kimberly’s not trying to smooth out this situation, she’s creating static between Matt and Alan by spilling all the gossip about Matt and Paul. And while Jake thinks he’s totally on top of his whole usury deal, Monty the loan shark lets him know that, no, actually, he’s really not. Stop what you’re doing and listen to our podcast on “The Brooke Stops Here”!