The Burning Couch

Everyone's battling over Bobby's cable company, but who will emerge victorious?

Now that Alycia has succeeded in pushing Bobby out of the company, Peter (whose injuries from that four-foot fall over the railing in the previous episode were not serious) is ready to part ways with Alycia: there’s nothing left to scheme about and they don’t really like each other. But she isn’t ready to let him go, and informs him that buying his way out of both the cable company and their sham relationship will cost him $2 million. Maybe the vodka creep, whom Billy’s still sniffing around, is interested in investing in this sector? Meanwhile, Peter spitefully presses assault charges against Bobby, and it falls to Sydney to bail him out and continue hanging around him despite his clear requests that she knock it off. Jake finally finds out about Jane’s part in Richard’s fashion show disaster and gets drunk and vengeful about it with a random woman he meets at a fashion-industry event…or is she? Kimberly continues to lose time to an increasingly angry Betsy; when Kimberly confides in Peter (still not a psychiatric professional), he agrees to help her cover up her new issues and prescribes something. Is it stronger than Betsy? And that notorious photo of Matt and Alan outside the dance-athon resurfaces in a tabloid story outing Alan, but WHO LEAKED IT?! Sit down somewhere comfortable — and safe — and listen to our podcast on “The Burning Couch”!