The Circle Of Strife

The torts are torture for Burns & Mancini, and their various lady friends past and present are struggling too.

You know how when you have one ex-wife working for you and then pick back up with the ex-wife you actually haven’t divorced yet and this one lets you know she wants you to fire the other one? Well, Michael does! After Kimberly uses her wiles to convince Michael to let Sydney go, Sydney fires back with sexual harassment lawsuits Peter and Michael are kind of forced to take seriously. At the same time, Peter is firming up his relationship with Alycia and getting her further onto his side and against Bobby by telling her the real (or is it) story of his grudge against the Parezis. With Jane and Richard still bitterly fighting as they each prepare for interviews on a fashion TV show, Jo sort of tries to stay above the fray by bringing Jane some of her work from the office…and then accidentally leaves with more than she came with. Billy has apparently exorcised Brooke’s spirit, but his bad attitude toward her is still present, and now he’s just directing his excessively confident dickishness at his boss, his closest colleague, and even his clients. And Alan once again catches Matt being chastely friendly with David and flies way off the handle, only to end up with a much more serious entanglement by episode’s end. We hope you don’t have any dispute with our podcast on “The Circle Of Strife”!