The Cook, The Creep, His Lover And Her Sister

Jake's season premiere statement of intent was to avoid drama, so naturally now he is getting himself FULLY entangled in the Andrews sisters' problems.

Sydney is still trying to tell Jane what’s been going on between her and Chris and Jane is still steadfastly refusing to hear her. When Jake stops by the studio delivering papers from Amanda and Chris, assuming Jake is a courier, just casually tries to involve him in objectifying Sydney, Jake pushes back. He then reports this to Jo, apparently counting on her to pass it on to Jane, which Jo does…but Jane still doesn’t believe it and just takes it back to Chris to spin for her, which he can easily do now that he’s had a day and a half to firm up his story. Jane then goes to yell at Jake before kicking Sydney out of her apartment and firing her from the studio. Chris also used his time to get out ahead of his Jake blunder with Sydney’s probation officer, who threatens to send Sydney back to the mental institution now that she’s unemployed and homeless, which is why it’s very handy that Jake has just used the reward money the FBI conveniently gave him for his part in apprehending Brittany to buy Shooters: he can give Sydney a job! After seeing Michael and Kimberly at the agency, Bruce makes Amanda hire them, over her personal objections, for a “real people” coffee ad. Kimberly correctly predicts that Peter’s not going to let them do it because it violates hospital rules, but all it takes is a visit from Amanda and her hot legs in her short skirt to convince him to do whatever she wants in order to keep her in his life. Alison’s college roommate Susan is passing through town on her way to her new job as a chef in Santa Barbara, intriguing Billy in the process. But when the job falls through, Alison invites Susan to move into her spare bedroom while Susan figures out her next move. This won’t be a problem at all! Load yourself up a heaping helping of our podcast on “The Cook, The Creep, His Lover And Her Sister”!