The Dead Wives Club

Desperation and spite drive Sydney to make even more questionable choices than usual.

Having lost everything thanks to Hilda’s scam lawsuit, Sydney still doesn’t want to accept Hilda’s lawyer’s offer to become his new partner in financial crime, but it’s hard to deny they make a good team when they grift $2000 off another driver in well under two minutes flat. So she seeks a job waiting tables at Kyle’s, which he’s happy to give her as soon as he confirms it’s really going to bug Taylor. But how long will Sydney hold out against Harry’s attractive pitch — particularly once she realizes she could use their combined skills against Amanda, her main rival for Kyle’s affections? The aforementioned Taylor has problems outside the restaurant, too, as Peter keeps buying her dowdy clothes; when Kyle returns Peter and Beth’s wedding album to her, she finally figures out exactly why Peter’s giving her this extreme makeover. Sydney’s not the only one hitting up a neighbor for a job in hospitality: Sam gets Jake to give her dad, Jim, a job at Shooters. Not even Billy’s report of receiving threats from Jim about their relationship can convince Sam that his sudden return is worrisome and that Jim is keeping secrets from her. And she’s not the only one awkwardly reuniting with a parent: Chelsea’s mother Denise returns, much to Matt’s chagrin. Jake and Alison decide to let fate determine where they’re going to elope, and Megan refuses instructions from Michael on a scheme to undermine Peter, but accepts advice from Kimberly’s ghost on how to keep their marriage alive. Our podcast on “The Dead Wives Club” is now called to order!