The Doctor Is In…Deep

Taylor's quest for sperm takes her to Santa Barbara.

The organizers of a medical conference in Santa Barbara had NO IDEA their event was going to be a flashpoint for so much drama! First, Coop tries to get Michael to go and gets turned down flat. Then Megan tries to get Michael to agree to more therapy, so he claims he has to go to this conference and absolutely cannot get out of it! Then Coop tells Lexi he’s not going to be able to see her when she comes to L.A., because he’s going to, guess what, this conference. So when she says she’ll just track him down there, he gets Peter to go in his place. Michael is delighted to hear that his wife has come to the hotel to surprise him…until he sees that it’s actually Taylor, still looking for him to knock her up — which is why things get complicated when his actual wife actually ALSO comes to surprise him, but Taylor will not let Megan interrupt their procreative schedule! At the same time, Peter happens to meet a gorgeous redhead who’s loitering around the hotel seeming frustrated…. In Los Angeles, Amanda and Billy’s business business business business plans are still going great, while Craig is scrambling to reassure the financiers he suddenly has that everything is okay. Jennifer makes Kyle feel guilty by association that Amanda is busting out Craig’s business, so Kyle turns right around and makes Amanda feel so guilty that she actually offers him a job. Meanwhile, a manic Sam confesses to Billy that she was the one who leaked sensitive business (business business business) intel to Craig. Can they get past this and on to the next phase of their relationship? And do they even agree on what that phase should be? Get all in on our podcast about “The Doctor Is In…Deep”!