The Doctor Who Rocks The Cradle

Kimberly helps Jo deliver her baby in secret, but would you believe her motives were not purely altruistic?

After being lucky (oof) enough to have found a mother at the hospital who’s about to deliver a baby she knows is stillborn, Kimberly tells Jo it’s time to set their plan in motion. Jo has concerns right up to the last minute, but since she also kind of has no other options, she goes through with it, and delivers a healthy baby. Kimberly then does her part marking the baby officially dead in the hospital’s records and convincing the Carters’ lawyer of what happened. From there…things kind of go left. Jane is thrilled to get that fat $500,000 cheque from Chris’s company and trusts him to go ahead and deposit it into the account on which he is now a signatory, since she has a new line to design! Except, whoops, the next thing she knows she’s getting called down to the bank to talk about the 20 or so cheques she’s about to bounce on that account, which is now empty, thanks to Chris. What now?! Alison did not, in fact, kill that cyclist on Thanksgiving, but she blows above the legal limit at the scene and is immediately arrested for driving drunk; then she’s forced to call Billy to bail her out when Zack doesn’t answer. Sidelined at work and shamed by Billy for going for the vodka as soon as he drops her at home FROM JAIL, Alison decides her next move is to try to reunite with him? Just when we were starting to like her! Amanda and Peter’s scheming at D&D intensifies, with Peter enlisting Amanda to spy on Bruce. She proves an able operative, letting Peter know about a handshake deal on a merger between D&D and another agency. But has Amanda finally outsmarted yourself? Swaddle yourself in something cozy and join us for our podcast on “The Doctor Who Rocks The Cradle”!