The Eyes Of The Storm

Michael's snooping has Kimberly launching her insurance fraud plans early.

Getting shoved through a glass table turns out to have been the last straw for Matt, who has an infuriatingly offscreen conversation with Peter about Dan; Peter then confronts Dan about it, and Dan reacts as though Peter has authority over him, for some reason? Peter also helps Michael meddle in Kimberly’s private medical affairs after Kimberly lies to Michael that she’s totally not dying at all. Once Michael knows the truth, he informs Kimberly that he’s going to spending as much time with her as he possibly can; she pretends to go along, but then finds a pier. She loses the nerve to die by suicide then, but it’s not her last attempt of the episode. At D&D, Amanda starts right in using Craig’s disclosure to her own advantage, but may overplay her hand when she involves Arthur himself. You’re not going to believe this but Jane was no better running this business than she was any of the others we’ve seen her in charge of, and Sydney’s doing a lot of scrambling to get on top of the mess Jane left. The situation is so dire that it might really help if Sydney had another source of income, yet when Walter offers to pay her to hang out with Carter, she says no. Instead, she chases the money for the “Kirov” paintings from Kyle, reigniting Taylor’s suspicions. When Sam’s not occupied getting bossed around by Sydney, she’s helping her apparent new best friend Alison determine that she definitely is pregnant, and encouraging her to bring Jake into the conversation. You only need your ears to join us for our podcast on “The Eyes Of The Storm”!