The Jane Mutiny

Amanda tries to figure out what Jack wants and give it to him with the least possible risk to herself.

Now that Jack’s told Amanda he tracked her down so they could officially get divorced, she’s eager to get the process completed so that he can leave town; she doesn’t even want any of his assets or their community property — not even that big-ass painting!!! But as he keeps hanging around, she starts to worry that he’s going to resume behaving in ways that made her fake her death to flee him in the first place. Elsewhere at D&D, Brooke is so focused on making Alison tell her exactly what’s going on with her and Hayley that she’s apparently forgotten that she’s a VP now and as such has responsibilities she’s supposed to fulfill — like bringing in business. Panicking, she declares that she’ll deliver her father’s company as a client, forcing her to beg Alison to help her do it. When Hayley actually does come in as a client, however, he makes sure to do it in a way that elevates Alison and humiliates Brooke. Extremely improbably, “the medical board” has judged Kimberly sane enough to be released into Peter’s care, with a monitor that, for some reason, goes on her wrist instead of her ankle. (Though Kimberly’s also going to be living in Peter’s guest room and assumes sex is going to be back on the menu, he stresses that his interest in her is purely platonic.) However, when Sydney and Michael find out Kimberly’s no longer incarcerated — and help themselves to her medical records — they hatch a plan to get her committed again. Even though Jo seemed pretty unconcerned in the last episode when Jane blithely admitted she was marrying Richard despite the fact that she didn’t love him, now it’s really weighing on her conscience and forcing her to get back into their business. And after Dr. Hobbs agrees to a deposition in his countersuit against Matt, for defamation, he plays right into Tom’s very sexy hands. All aboard for our podcast on “The Jane Mutiny”!