The Kyle High Club

Look out, New York: Kyle's on his way and he is WASTED.

Kyle still hasn’t figured out how to tell Amanda the news about his infertility, and has gone so far past the point of self-medication that he…gets on a plane and goes all the way to the other side of the country to “scout bands” in New York City. This is a great plan, because Peter doesn’t want to refill his prescription of “relaxers,” and you know who has access to drugs and a willingness to party? Bands! And their managers! Back in Los Angeles, Lexi is still trying to figure out what secret Eve is keeping from her; Peter says he doesn’t care, when it’s pretty clear he does. Lexi takes a break from harassing her ex’s new wife to give Megan an important new assignment at her fake job: find Lexi a man! On the promise of becoming a name partner upon completion of the unorthodox assignment, Megan agrees. Deciding to give up on their divorce doesn’t mean Michael and Jane no longer have any problems to deal with: they still have to pay their lawyers, but Michael refuses on principle to economize in any way, which is why it’s lucky that he meets a wealthy new patient who’s eager to cut him in on a sure-thing deal with a tenfold return. Put away your stash and get high on life with our podcast on “The Kyle High Club”!