The Light At The End Of The Tumble

Season six's most preposterous plot line reaches its foregone conclusion.

Michael is the pivot point for virtually everyone in the A plot. He helps Taylor cover up her non-pregnancy after a fortuitous fall down the jazz club’s eponymous stairs. He hassles Megan so much that he drives her into Eric’s arms. He takes an idle conversation with Coop about surgical tools and turns it into a proposal to develop a new device AND lets Jennifer pitch him on tricking Craig into backing it with Sydney’s insurance money instead of blowing it on a cruise. But Michael’s not the only one screwing Coop over: Peter is so fired up with love for Lexi that he takes it upon himself to steal Coop’s financial records in order to assist her in her divorce machinations. Billy finally decides to listen to Sam the 400th time she tells him to depart Maryland and leave her alone, but his goodbye convinces her that she doesn’t belong there either, and she comes home to (a) reunite with him and (b) interview for the graphic artist job he’s trying to fill at Amanda’s new agency. Make sure you are safely planted before listening to our podcast on “The Light At The End Of The Tumble”!