The Rumor Whisperer

Eve's first date with Peter causes her to start revealing her...personality quirks.

After being drawn to Eve’s (a) medical level of neediness and (b) siren song, Peter asks her out. And Amanda is all about it, giving Eve tips on how to land him and even lending her an outfit. But then Eve is a little too aggressive in kissing him goodnight, and too eager to try to walk back her first impression, to the degree that both Peter and the audience is left wondering what her deal actually is. We’re not going to find out from Amanda this week, since she’s got her own problems: BizLine has nominated her for Woman Of The Year, and since Lexi simply cannot have that, she uses back channels to try to talk the editor out of giving it to Amanda and, when that doesn’t work, starts a rumor that Amanda slept with him to clinch her victory. Since Jane never noticed that Michael was on the property when Alex was declaring his love in the last episode, she remains focused on her suspicion that what Michael’s hiding is an affair with Megan, despite being proven wrong every time she confronts either of them about it. Michael decides to try to fix his relationship with Jane by eloping. And in Megan’s actual love life, Ryan lets her know he’s thought about it and he’s okay with her past career as a sex worker, but she apparently remains totally indifferent to him. We promise to speak up good and loud in our podcast on “The Rumor Whisperer”!