The Tangled Web

Steve invites Jo, Alison, and Billy to his ranch, because if you're going to mess with a few poors' heads, you might as well do it in a picturesque location.

After clashing with Amanda over Alison’s vision for the MICROCOMP campaign (and, apparently, not really comprehending when she tells him that if it flops, Alison’s going to be out on her ass), Steve invites his current girlfriend Jo back out to his ranch that weekend — and hey, wouldn’t it be fun if Alison came? And also Billy, since it would be weird if he were excluded? History repeats itself: Billy correctly assesses that Steve is into Alison and risks life and limb — this time by riding a horse (sort of) out to spy on them; Alison denies that Steve has feelings for her and whines about Billy’s jealousy — after all, she’s not jealous about Billy’s new co-worker, Celia, who he can’t stop complaining about! (Billy shoots back that he hates Celia and since we’ve certainly never seen crushes grow out of sparky animosity on TV before, that’s exactly where their relationship will remain, surely!) Meanwhile, Jo and Steve are getting down to it, apparently for the first time, when Jo admits that she still isn’t over Jake, and Steve admits that he’s sort of trying to get over someone too. Then Steve and Alison end up alone on the deck…. Speaking of Jake: back in L.A., he’s spending more time with Palmer, his boss/Amanda’s dad. Getting tipsy tidbits about Amanda’s idiosyncrasies from Palmer only tantalizes Jake into asking her more personal questions, which she is not interested in answering. And while she’s shutting him down at home, Palmer is shutting down Jake’s inquiries at work as regards some wild numbers he accidentally saw on some sale paperwork. And when Michael hears that Kimberly’s solution to her problem with Michael is to ditch her job and go home to Cleveland, he begs her not to derail her career and promises to be professional at the hospital. He manages to keep it up for one whole scene, so they’re probably fine forever. Join us as we discuss all these sticky situations in our podcast on “The Tangled Web”!