The Trojan Stork

Taylor's fake pregnancy is going to have to get real VERY quickly.

For obvious reasons, Amanda is trying to void the lease that Taylor signed with Matt; for equally obvious reasons, she’s annoyed that Kyle doesn’t seem to care where Taylor lives or what she does. Then Amanda overhears Peter yelling at Taylor about her pregnancy, and tells Kyle about it. And when Kyle asks Taylor about it, she says that not only is it true…but that Kyle must be the father because Peter is sterile. Obviously, Peter is not thrilled that this rumor about him is going around the complex, until Taylor tells him that they can use this lie to break up Kyle and Amanda and reunite with their original partners. Coop has arranged for his extremely offscreen fancy surgeon friend to operate on Michael’s hands; Jennifer uses this potentially dangerous moment in Michael’s life to manipulate Megan into spending time with him again. It’s lucky for Coop that everyone’s too self-involved to notice how much attention he is paying to everything anyone says about Michael in his presence. Craig is still raw from the loss of Sydney, though not so raw that he isn’t still going to the office of his new fake company to half-ass his job. Not even Jennifer’s grief-inspired sexual surrogacy can get him back on track, so — mere days after they all left and collapsed D&D — Amanda’s former employees would like her to perform a hostile takeover of Sky High and hire them all back, please. And who knows: Craig might even appreciate that too, if it gives him more time to plot against Sam. Rejoice: we’re flying in with our podcast on “The Trojan Stork”!