The Two Mrs. Mancinis

A bequest from Jane and Sydney's late grandmother becomes a new battleground for all the Mancinis to fight over.

When Jane and Sydney’s grandmother dies and Sydney claims not to care because she always loved Jane more, Jane feels appalled. Then Jane finds out their grandmother is leaving her a six-figure bequest and Sydney nothing, and feels guilty. Then Jane hears that, actually, Gram never changed her will after the divorce, so the cash has been willed to Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Jane Mancini, and feels horrified…because she already quit her job with Kay and rented commercial space to start her own design business. Whoops! Billy is hurt when he finds out that Alison is planning to go back to Wisconsin for her father’s 50th birthday party without him, and even more hurt when he hears that no one’s going to wonder where her fiancé is at this major life event because no one back home actually knows she’s engaged. He then buys his own plane ticket behind her back, invites himself along, and ignores her twice-stated wishes that he not upstage her father on his special day by announcing their engagement and does precisely that, mostly in order not to get cucked by an ex that her oblivious parents keep inviting around because as far as they know Billy is just Alison’s roommate. The longer Alison spends in her childhood home, though, the less bothered she is by Billy’s heedless cloddishness, and the more haunted she seems to be by dark memories. On her latest D&D shoot, Jo meets a model, Gregory, who hits on her hard, RIGHT up until he finds out why she’s sticking to club soda on their date. We hope you’re not MARRIED to any plans you may have made for the next 40 minutes or so and can therefore join us for our podcast on “The Two Mrs. Mancinis”!