The Usual Santas

Everyone goes absolutely Christmas crackers in Melrose Place's last holiday episode!

It’s the winter holiday season on Melrose Place, and Santa’s sleigh is about to get totaled. Dr. V has the charitable instinct of enlisting Michael, Peter, and their male neighbors from the complex to be temporary Santas at various local schools. Little do they know that ANOTHER group of Santas has assembled for much more nefarious purposes. Fortunately, a moment of mistaken identity is quickly cleared up, freeing the Santas for their various pursuits. Michael resumes divorcing Jane, only for an activist judge to order them to spend the holidays together. Ryan celebrates finally getting together with Megan by calling out from work for a multi-day bone-a-thon. Eve’s hope for a beautiful first Christmas with Peter is threatened when Travis, the tree lot guy, tries to blackmail her into sex, and Kyle volunteers to get involved to help work out a little of his self-hating aggression on Travis’s face — because, oh yeah, while Amanda keeps talking about this being their last Christmas alone, Kyle still hasn’t told her why he believes their baby is not going to arrive as soon as she thinks. Open up your stocking and enjoy our podcast on “The Usual Santas”!