The World According To Matt

Matt dies, leaving a diary that's the most scandalous read since Sidney Sheldon.

It’s been a hot second since we got a single-storyline episode, and all it took was Matt getting killed (offscreen) in a car crash! Everyone absorbs the news in their own ways, but only Amanda bothers to go see Matt’s mother, who doesn’t want anyone from the complex to attend the funeral but has no compunction bequeathing Amanda Matt’s diary. And it turns out that all those times the writers didn’t bother giving Matt anything to do, we should have assumed he was just out of frame, listening to all his neighbors’ most shocking secrets and noting them in his journal. Michael’s sexy secret job in Chicago? Amanda’s true feelings for Peter? How Kyle became estranged from the brother we never knew he had — the brother who then shows up at the jazz club? And a page SO HOT Amanda tears it out and hides it?! YES. Listen to our latest episode to learn all about “The World According To Matt”!