The Young Men And The Sea

It's nothing but smooth sailing for Reed as more and more Melrose Place neighbours get themselves embroiled his boat chartering scheme.

Remember how Amanda thought Reed was a creep and Jake thought he was a con artist? Apparently they don’t, because Jake has no problem fixing the engine of a boat Reed totally does not own, for free, as a favour to Jo, and considering coming in with him 60/40 in a partnership, as his full-time mechanic. To get Jake hooked on the seafaring life, Reed invites him and Amanda out on a harbor cruise, which apparently sparks all of Amanda’s happy memories of boating in her youth; no sooner has Jo volunteered to stake Reed the collateral he needs to buy the boat than Amanda is slagging her off and throwing her money at Reed. Between her misgivings about getting into business with Amanda and her suspicions about what might be in a suitcase full of valuables Reed has asked her to store, Jo has a lot on her mind! Michael is living at the beach house again, but all his focus — such as it is; he’s taking a lot of painkillers, so his vision’s probably pretty blurry — is on convincing Jane to take him back. Sydney joins Jane in securing a restraining order against him, but it’s only so that it’s easier for Sydney to try to worm her way back into his affections if he legally has no other options. Michael, of course, is only interested in using her, and in the short term, she’s a handy go-between for a fraudulent new painkiller prescription when he can’t get a legitimate refill for himself. Billy finally breaks the news of his promotion to Alison, and is much less confident than she is that a long-distance relationship can work for them. And while Jeffrey makes it clear to Matt that he doesn’t tend to date anyone long enough for it to impinge on his career, Matt starts to realize he may not be happy getting into Jeffrey’s closet with him. All aboard for our podcast on “The Young Men And The Sea”!