The Younger Son Also Rises

McBride patriarch Mack comes to town to ruin everyone's lives.

The little we’ve heard about the McBrides’ dad has been a mixed bag, but now it’s time to see how all that backstory pays off: Mack (John Reilly, aka Kelly Taylor’s canonical father Bill!) has come to town for a surprise visit! Ryan tenses up at the first sight of him, and we soon find out why: Mack has never tried to conceal the fact that Kyle is his favorite, and still doesn’t, giving all his interactions with his sons and their beautiful blonde ladies a frisson of chaos and danger, but not in a fun way. Speaking of chaos and danger: Megan tells Lexi that she spilled to Ryan about their matchmaking scheme, so she can’t pre-screen Lexi’s dates anymore. A double date compromise just makes Lexi yearn even more for what Ryan and Megan have. Eve’s new role as the lead singer of Sharp Objects is paying dividends: they’ve booked a gig in San Francisco! Can Peter handle it? Meanwhile, Audrey’s lawsuit is progressing, and ruining Michael’s life in the process, both professionally and personally, as he finds out the rules outlined at the sexual harassment seminar he dozed through actually do also apply to him. We Ernestly (get it) implore you to enjoy our podcast on “The Younger Son Also Rises”!