They Shoot Blanks, Don’t They?

Rumors and innuendo swirl around Amanda while her husband BARELY hangs on in rehab.

Amanda is doing her best to be supportive while Kyle goes through his rehab program, but she still feels guilty about pushing him to do things she doesn’t think he ever wanted to do, while he feels ashamed to have fallen short of his own standards. She definitely needs a friend to lean on, and since she and Eve are still fighting about Amanda having fired Sharp Objects, Amanda seeks support from Peter, fueling rumors: Lexi tells Ryan about seeing Amanda and Peter getting a hotel room key after the foundation fundraiser, Eve remembers how Amanda clung to Peter after he got Ricky G away from her, and the one and only other patient Kyle’s talked to in his program is perfectly cheerful about his own wife cheating on him while he’s away, leading Kyle to jump to wild conclusions. Lexi and Ryan aren’t ONLY talking about Kyle: when they simultaneously land on a great slogan for the Passion Island campaign, they throw themselves a drinking contest to decide which of them will get to present it — a contest that has consequences that were only unintended to one of them. And while Michael continues carrying out his extortion plan against the hospital, Audrey continues to be an unpredictable force. We’ll shoot you straight in our podcast on “They Shoot Blanks, Don’t They?.”