Till Death Do Us Part

Kimberly recruits a second pair of hands -- Sydney's -- for her revenge plot against Michael.

After Sydney gets roughed up by some sex workers for horning in on their turf and ends up in the ER, Kimberly decides that she should also get the chance to take revenge on Michael and enlists her in her planning to, you know, end his life. Sydney may not have quite the stomach for it, but no matter: Kimberly’s got enough focus for both of them, even braiding in Jane when the original Mrs. Mancini gets an appealing business offer she needs Michael’s sign-off to pursue. It’s also Billy and Alison’s wedding weekend! Billy’s college friend Rob comes to town to serve as Best Man, and when Billy palms him off on Matt for an afternoon, Matt learns just how accurate that title is — only Billy didn’t realize Rob was into guys until before happening to see Matt and Rob kissing in the courtyard. Also coming to town for the nuptials are Alison’s parents, but not Meredith, Alison’s sister whom we’ve never heard her mention before, possibly because she left home as soon as she could and basically never came back. HMMMMM. Amanda is all ready to resume kicking ass at D&D now that she’s done with Chas, but Chas isn’t done with her: he’s filed a $10 million sexual harassment suit against her. Hillary’s choice to take her fiancé’s side over her daughter’s leaves Amanda feeling vulnerable — just like Jo was not so long ago, meaning Jake finds Amanda suddenly irresistible again. We promise not to smash any cake in your face if you join us for our podcast on the Season 2 finale, “Till Death Do Us Part”!