To Kill A Whirlybird

Coop sets a trap for Michael; Michael unwittingly helps him build it.

The GloveCo lawsuit is behind us…sort of: Michael is so bitter about having been cut out of the business for the obvious reasons that he uses his Chief of Staff position to forbid the glove’s use in surgery by ANY hospital personnel. Coop hatches a plan to strip Michael of this authority, but it’s going to require that Michael believe a woman who hates him also wants to bone. Hmmm, could it possibly work?! Peter is also an accessory to this plan, but he’s got his own problems: Bob is back in town (crutch-free), and since he’s looked up Peter and Lexi’s address and popped by, Lexi decides to atone for her crime by giving him a job. It’s Billy’s birthday, and though Sam has planned a huge celebratory extravaganza, it’s going to have to wait until next year: Amanda’s bringing her on a location scout for a new client’s campaign. Left alone with Billy, Connie only needs to wait for him to get slightly tipsy to create the conditions for him to try to make out. But then Charlie shows up and is NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED…in 1998; in 2023 it’s been quite obvious for a while. Kyle and Taylor embark on her plan to win their mortgage payment at the craps table in Vegas, as Kyle also does his usual not-great “best” resisting her sexual advances. We’re flying in with a podcast on “To Kill A Whirlybird”!