To Live & Die In Malibu

With a full recovery seemingly in sight, Amanda starts plotting her return to D&D, and enlists a new accomplice in the effort.

As Amanda battles back to consciousness, Michael’s got his own fights: Kimberly reveals that she’s returned early from Minnesota, she doesn’t buy his stories about why Amanda’s lingerie is all over the beach house, and he is officially on notice. This just convinces him to accelerate his exit plans, but then Kimberly runs into the city’s insurance guy at the hospital before Michael does and takes possession of that big settlement check, forcing Michael to make nice. Meanwhile, Alison continues being a bitch to everyone at D&D except Brooke. And why not — Brooke is actually useful, offering her dad’s palatial estate as a photo shoot location when another one falls through. Having Billy on her literal home turf causes Brooke to escalate her mind games with him, flirting super-hard just before her fiancรฉ shows up. Surprise! Brooke later ends up at the hospital when Billy goes to visit Amanda, and Amanda makes a note. After making peace with Jake, Jess decides to test it by showing up in L.A. unannounced and manipulating Jake into giving him a job and letting Jess crash at his place. Sydney threatens Jess with exposure when she catches him rifling through the files in Jake’s office, but it seems as though the Hanson brothers’ family ties are going to be too strong for her to break…at least for now. We hope you’re LIVING for our podcast on “To Live & Die In Malibu”!