Too Romantic For Words

Amanda's marriage continues sucking, thanks to "Christine."

Christine is still dead. Nick is still gone. And yet we’re still hearing a lot about both of them. Amanda is so racked with guilt that she’s taking it out on Kyle, whose attempts to bridge the gap between them all come out very hostile. Then Kyle gets a letter from Nick informing him that Taylor’s dead, which she proves she is not by walking into the scene seconds later, but it still sends Kyle on an investigative journey into whom Christine had contact with in her last days, and why. Both the remaining blond doctors are annoying the (annoying) women in their lives with unilateral decisions about their living arrangements: Coop is up for a job in Philadelphia and assumes Megan will be overjoyed to move there with him if he gets it; Peter, having been back with Lexi for one date, buys her a condo on the marina. Michael and his clinic continue their downward spiral, though at least he has regular gossip updates from Taylor to distract him. Speaking of gossip, Megan happens to be leaving the complex just in time for Billy and Jennifer to return from their dalliance at the hotel; Jennifer tells her everything EXCEPT that Sam is also having an affair. Speaking of whom: it’s all going great in San Diego until Jeff starts pressuring Sam to leave Billy and marry him, and though this scares Sam enough to really pour it on with Billy when she comes back to town, he both sees through her and is still extremely horny for Jennifer. It doesn’t come with 12 long-stemmed roses, but we still think you’ll like our podcast on “Too Romantic For Words”!