True Fibs

Teri escalates hostilities against Peter. Will he settle, or fight?

Teri has decided to sidestep charges and just sue Peter over the Brandi affair. Almost everyone is telling him to settle — like Michael, who offers to pitch in, and Alycia, who…is representing him despite their rather recent and quite acrimonious breakup; only Amanda is urging him to defend himself. Perhaps given all this trouble, he’s a bit distracted when Kimberly begs for his help with her mental-health issues. Richard has arranged a meeting for himself and Jane with the biggest retailer on the east coast, but Jane is wary of traveling with him to see the client in New York, given her history with Richard. After celebrating a successful pitch together, Richard almost immediately proves her fears were very well-founded. Jo continues worrying about Tyler, involving Matt so that he can connect her with a prof of his who’s a child abuse expert. How many boundaries will Jo break to confirm her suspicions about Laurie? Billy is surprised that Alison isn’t making herself available to help him with his pitch to ONLINEBANK. And an old friend of Bobby’s approaches him with an opportunity to get into films. Bobby’s not interested…but Sydney is! We can tell you honestly that you will enjoy our podcast on “True Fibs”!