Ultimatums And The Single Guy

Taylor severs her relationship with Kyle, and starts a new and much shadier one with Michael.

If you worried that we might not hear about the jazz club this time, don’t! Amanda has decided she needs to formalize her partnership with Kyle, and he eventually agrees — as long as there’s no chance Peter is going to weasel his way in. Amanda is on the same page, but regarding Taylor, so a summit is arranged at which the matter of these two lingering divorces is finally addressed. Taylor is pretty eager to sign any paperwork Kyle puts in front of her considering that Peter is still being controlling about her full-on Beth impersonation, but Michael is still hanging around, looking to turn Taylor’s building resentment against Peter, to Michael’s advantage. Meanwhile, Craig is still pursuing his campaign to make Sydney horny enough to drop her lawsuit; it’s too bad she’s not the only one he should be trying to manipulate. Former fiancés Billy and Alison are not having a great time: Billy the idiot lets Sam convince him not to call the cops on Jim immediately; and Alison learns that being on your best behavior as a potential adoptive parent means you don’t get any nights off to get hammered. Jennifer lands on her feet — presumably in spike heels, since she’s waiting tables at a strip club; and Matt and Denise are still having the same fight about Chelsea. Listen to our podcast on “Ultimatums And The Single Guy” OR ELSE!