Un-Janed Melody

Craig is horny for power at D&D; nearly everyone else is just horny the regular way.

Amanda and Peter’s decision to take a quick honeymoon in Santa Barbara causes a LOT of unexpected ripples! Taylor, overhearing Kimberly and Michael talking about it at the practice, rooks Kyle into going to the same resort so she can continue creeping around Peter. While Amanda’s out of the office, her slimy boss Arthur installs his son Craig (David Charvet) and makes Billy show him the ropes, but it’s immediately clear that both Field men have a bigger plan for the agency. Jane frees Jake and Alison from Alison’s burning apartment, but seeing them comfort each other seems to send her around the bend: while assuring the new couple that she’s definitely totally happy for them, she tries to get Billy to join her in a scheme to break them up (which Billy declines, since he’s all about Samantha again). And Michael drops a resistant Matt off at rehab…but maybe once he gets there he’ll realize it’s not so bad…? Sing it if you know it: we’ve brought you a new podcast on “Un-Janed Melody”!