Under The Mistletoe

It takes some whining, but Alison makes Billy take her back. It's a Christmas miracle!

Christmas has come once again to Melrose Place, and with Nikki visiting, and to make sure she she has a magical holiday, everyone is willing to put aside their differences — at least while she’s around. Billy, who instantly regrets sleeping with Amanda, has to hide this scandal from both Alison and Jake. The former is dying to get him alone so she can just tell him that she and Steve never actually boned; the latter is desperate to buttonhole Amanda and convince her to believe him over her sainted father. (Meanwhile, Jo is trying to figure out how to sleep through the holidays, since she and Jake had their first kiss last Christmas Eve and she’d rather not be reminded.) Jane has had enough of Michael’s moping, and makes plans to spend the holidays with Robert at his place. Since Michael can’t be left alone, she hires no-nonsense Nurse Colleen to stay with him. Does Nurse Colleen’s impatience with Michael’s self-pity snap him out of his funk, or is his heartfelt apology to Jane and Robert just another scheme? Sydney takes on another lonely client, but feels so bad about it afterward that she stops into a church to confess her sins. (The scene cuts before we can see whether she gets noticeably sweaty.) You may want to give US a big smooch when you’ve finished listening to our podcast on “Under The Mistletoe”!