Eve's scandalous past intersects with, what else, the profit motive in medicine.

Kyle and Amanda are back together: yay! Kyle and Amanda’s plans to move into their dream house and start a family might get postponed by Amanda getting forced into finally bringing her slum of an apartment complex up to code: noooooo, or something! Given the financial pinch Amanda is feeling, it’s a wonder Eve is even bothering trying to repair their broken friendship — but never mind, she’s still got Jackie! But, before long, Jackie is in her own crisis, and Dr. Shulman overhears a conversation between her and Eve, which efficiently lays out their past association. This is exactly the ammunition that Dr. Shulman — now working for the corporation that just bought Wilshire Memorial, and eager to make spending cuts no matter who may die as a consequence — needs to overrule Peter and his…bleeding-heart do-gooding with uninsured patients? Okay, sure. Lexi’s campaign to break up Megan and Ryan by smashing them together continues, and now incorporates Michael, whom we’re now supposed to think has totally given up on Jane and is all about Megan again? We can’t guarantee that we follow what’s happening or that the writers are even committed to the concept of internal logic but we do our best in our podcast on “Unpleasantville”!