What Comes Up, Must Come Down

Peter and Michael take their comedy double act to judge a beauty pageant. Cue the sticky situation!

Though we might find it impossible to imagine D&D without Amanda, it seems that her jerk boss Arthur Field doesn’t think she’s so integral: he still hasn’t renewed her contract, even though she’s still boning his golden boy Billy and fending off Peter’s advances. Stung, Peter agrees to do Kimberly a favor by getting Michael out of town for a few days, and brings him to San Diego to judge a beauty contest (…sure?), where they meet Teri and Brandi, a mother-daughter team (Loni Anderson and Denise Richards!) who are determined to go to any lengths — sexually speaking — to assure Brandy’s victory in the pageant, despite both doctors’ attempts to remain chaste. Meanwhile, Amanda insists to Billy that she doesn’t want him to speak up to the board on her behalf, but can he possibly follow such an order, given how he feels about her? Sydney’s old friend Laurie (Justine Priestley, as in Jason’s sister!) descends on the complex with her son Tyler, looking for a place to crash. Since Sydney is all caught up with her pursuit of Bobby, she blows her off, and they end up staying with Jo instead, letting Jo play mommy for a little while. Jake tells Jane about his brilliant plan to entangle Richard back in her business. And Matt finds that life after Alan isn’t exactly what he had hoped. Come one, come all to our podcast on “What Comes Up, Must Come Down”!