When Cheerleaders Attack

Eve and Amanda FINALLY tell someone their sordid secret.

We found out in the last episode that Eve served 15 years in prison, and this week, we find out why; thus, all of us are one-up on Peter, since Amanda and Eve convince Kyle (to whom they spilled their secret) not to tell Peter, and he and Eve get married without incident as far as he knows. Kyle’s not thrilled about it, but when he gets back to L.A. he finds much to distract him: a random baby to hold and be cute with; a plot of land he and Amanda might buy to build their dream house on; all kinds of SIGNS that the drama is behind them and they can talk seriously about settling down and starting a family. Meanwhile, back in Oakhurst, Lexi makes an ass of herself crashing Peter and Eve’s honeymoon; the shock of finding out Peter went ahead and married another lady convinces her to stop acting the fool all over town. Jane continues dealing with her health scare, and Megan does a terrible job keeping her confidence, leading Michael into situations that confuse him as to the future of his relationship with Jane. Find a safe place to listen to our podcast on “When Cheerleaders Attack”!