Where The Hookers Grow

A near-death experience loosens Peter's lips.

Having convinced himself that Megan is suicidal, Michael leaves town to follow her to the trailer park he’s been given to understand she grew up in. Except whoops, it’s a stately manor with horses all over the lawn, and parents who totally know what she’s been doing since she left home; it was, according to Megan’s mother Teresa (Shirley Jones!), the news of Megan’s former profession that caused her father’s debilitating stroke. Will Megan’s disappointments in Los Angeles convince her to return to ranch life, or will Michael, the guy who just jilted her, lure her back to the complex? While he’s out of town, Amanda sends Jane to try to land her old design school friend Alex as a client, and Jane decides to try to ignore their history for the chance at 25% of his fees if she’s successful. At first he’s too cold; then he’s…way too warm. Speaking of being cold and then warm: Peter, rushed to the hospital for surgery on that gunshot wound. As doctors are yelling jargon over him in the ER, Peter decides he can’t die without clearing his conscience, and tells Dr. Visconti how and why he kidnapped Amanda. Later, Lexi overhears that Dr. V knows something Amanda can never find out, and decides to use her powers of seduction to get it out of him. Also hanging around the hospital: Amanda, keeping Peter company to soothe her guilt for being the reason he’s there. Kyle knows he can’t tell her not to, and does a very poor job covering how much it bugs him, so it falls to his newly arrived brother to try to tell Amanda she should maybe stay away from Peter. You don’t need a map to learn about “Where The Hookers Grow” — you just need our latest podcast!