Who’s Afraid Of Amanda Woodward?

Amanda finds herself failing in Business Business Business Business.

Though being a bitch queen has generally worked out for Amanda, her run may be at an end: Craig and Sydney are conspiring to bring down D&D from within, and her desperate attempt to get back the capital she poured into the jazz club fails when Kyle has to tell her he spent it on tables and bands and napkins and stuff. It’s more than she can take — literally (in a physical sense). And D&D is not the only Melrose Place business going through changes: Jake has sold Shooters to an entirely offscreen buyer, but Alison doesn’t seem too excited about starting her new life in Ojai: she picks a fight about putting her dreams on hold for his, races back to L.A., “forgets” she has important real estate papers in her car and asks Colleen to bring them up to Jake. She couldn’t push the two former partners closer together if she tried! (…Hmmmm.) Michael and Taylor’s scheme against Peter kicks into its final phase, only to risk blowback when this physician seeks a second opinion on his surgeon partner’s neurological diagnosis, then yells about it in front of said partner’s chump wife. Sam and Billy continue clashing over Jim’s place in their lives, but Billy ultimately sides with the cops and against the prospect of doing any jail time. And the custody battle over Chelsea comes to an end. And then another end. We hope you’re brave enough to join us for our podcast on “Who’s Afraid Of Amanda Woodward?.”