Young Doctors In Heat

After exhibiting her creepiest behavior yet -- which is saying something! -- Taylor finally reveals what her whole deal is.

So Michael and Kimberly still aren’t having sex, and her psychiatrist thinks there may be a physical cause. Will a complete workup reveal what the issue is, or is Kimberly perfectly content being celibate and having Michael as her best friend? Michael might be fine with that too, if it means he can keep having sex with the mystery blonde down the beach (Megan Lewis, it turns out), though he also may screw that up by demanding to know more about her life than she wants to tell him. Amanda and Peter are still snapping at each other, which Peter thinks he can fix by moving out for a while. And Taylor continues staring at him creepily whenever she sees him, though at least she FINALLY tells both him and us how she’s connected to him. Jane is still determined to ruin Alison and Jake’s lives. Jake reaches out to Sydney for help, and agrees with her that the right course is to ignore Jane and let her return to normal on her own; however, Alison refuses to get on board with this plan. Sydney herself, meanwhile, continues to fixate on Kyle — but maybe the guy Samantha fixes her up with can distract her? Matt, alas, continues to resist working on his recovery, and Dr. Dan’s line-blurring doesn’t really help. Pour yourself a cool drink and get into our podcast on “Young Doctors In Heat”!