A Very 90210 Canada Day

Canadian 90210ers brave island fantasies and maniacal mansions.

We’re off this week but we bring you two Again With Again With This episodes full of Canadianosity.

AWAWT 149: Let’s Watch Kathleen Robertson In Maniac Mansion!

We’re heading back to the early nineties (again) with an episode of weird, energetic cross-border fam-com Maniac Mansion, which was loosely based on the videogame — and starred a young Kathleen Robertson as teen brainiac Tina; Mr. Weir as her dad; and a grouchy styrofoam meteor as the villain of the week. How did Robertson do? And should you watch?

AWAWT 150: Let’s Watch Jason Priestley In The Series Finale Of The Fantasy Island Sequel!

Nobody really watched FOX’s Fantasy Island sequel except Tara, which is probably why it got cancelled, but we’re contemplating the series finale — and Jason Priestley’s one-off turn as a jerky cheater who gets his thanks to a revenge spell. Weirdly abusive mermaid girlfriends with great butts, baffling timelines and memory tricks, and inconvenient beach heels all somehow added up to a fun time, and JP knew his role and played it well. Join us in wishing a fond farewell to Roarke Barbie in our latest ep!