Let’s Watch Grant Show In True Blue And Dina Meyer On Friends!

Another double dose of previously Patreon content! Happy Labor Day!

From AWAWT 126: Let’s Watch Grant Show In True Blue!

Midseason replacement True Blue is the 9-1-1 of its day…so why didn’t it last longer than three months? Maybe because Law & Order, which staffed up with half TB‘s cast, came along and ate its lunch? Maybe because it spent its entire budget on music rights for this one episode, “Oldies But Goodies”? We have some theories, but we’re pretty sure it’s not Grant Show’s fault.

From AWAWT 131: Let’s Watch Dina Meyer On Friends!

Dina Meyer had a three-episode arc as Kate, a fancy actress who thinks her co-star Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is beneath her. In this bonus episode, we watch how she and her beautiful hair made their exit.