Let's Watch Melrosians In L&O and Fantasy Island!

Sarah will be back next week (yay!) so this week in lieu of a void of nothingness we're unlocking two episodes from the Again With This Club.

060: Let’s Watch Thomas Calabro On Law & Order!

Back in the unlamented Greevey era of Law & Order: Mothership, Thomas Calabro played a variation on Robert Chambers named Ned Loomis in Season 1, Episode 4, “Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die.” We have some notes.

064: Let’s Watch Josie Bissett, Laura Leighton, And Daphne Zuniga In Their Fantasy Island Episode!

We couldn’t NOT watch three Melroseans in the Fantasy Island reboot — especially in an episode that’s a meta meditation on aging in Hollywood and societal double standards. Did the show convert Sarah? And what’s with the tomato boobs?


  • 📅 Published January 30, 2023