August 2023 Digest

THEY took most of the month off. WE are always here working for YOU.

The crew at 9021OMG came into August STRONG with an episode about Beverly Hills, 90210 S05.E02, the first Monday of the month, right on schedule. Then they apparently all decided to do a Summer Friday takeover of almost the entire month, because that is the last we heard from them until the month’s last Monday was almost over. Yes, we know Tori’s having a hard time right now, living in an RV with her five children and being hospitalized for an as-yet-undisclosed ailment that is apparently not going to keep her from attending 90s Con next month as scheduled. Regardless, Jennie and Amy evidently decided not to record without her, which is why we only have TWO episodes of 9021OMG to tell you about this month. But don’t worry! We’re also playing a special game inspired by the podcast, because we love you too much to leave you feeling ripped off.

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  • 📅 Published August 31, 2023