Dr. Jealousy

The most annoying person in Peter's life lets him know she's got dirt on him.

Kyle is still morbidly focused on Amanda, Peter, and the missing diary page, which is such a waste of energy since Peter is probably going to trip himself up soon enough: LEXI has winkled out his most recent terrible secret, which if Kyle knew she’d done should make him very ashamed that she’s shown him up. When Kyle’s brother Ryan isn’t reading way too much into his every interaction with Kyle, he’s doing his fake job for Amanda: both Ryan and Lexi’s newest employee Megan travel to Arizona to try to land an eccentric soap client. When mishaps throw the rivals together, Megan actually one-ups Ryan in the touchy department. And we should probably create a macro for this: Michael is suspicious that Jane is going to cheat on him with Alex, and sets traps to try to prove himself right. Our podcast on “Dr. Jealousy” is good for what ails you!