December 2021 Digest

Sisanie is still missing, leaving Amy to join Jennie and Tori as they wrap up their discussion of the 90210/Melrose Place episodes. And while they start talking about Episode 3, “Lost And Found,” the conversation is quickly shelved for an interview with the very gracious and patient Andrew Shue. The “Lost And Found” episode discussion then spills over into the next podcast, where some good points are made (yes, the Mancinis’ bedding is ugly) alongside some bad ones (no, Kristin Davis is not a bad actor, TORI). And finally they hustle Amy off-mic for December’s last podcast: a round-up of questions from listeners like you! …Well, probably not listeners EXACTLY like you; certainly not listeners like us. Pour yourself an adult beverage and join us as we tell you everything you need to know about the latest episodes of 90210MG!

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