February 2024 Digest

No wifi? No problem! (Thanks to unwitting podcast sponsor CVS)

The 90210 and OMG timelines are still more or less aligned, so this month’s episodes are very much in the Season 5 Valentine’s corridor — the telethon Kelly blows off for New Evolution purposes; Dylan “faking” having fallen in love with her again to help Brandon bust her out; and, of course, the CU campus rapist. For once, talk of being “triggered” and “having PTSD” is actually appropriate and warranted. But maybe that’s where our compliments end, as our trio battles a Spectrum outage, confused ideas about what feminism is, and a muscle relaxer that prevents the one who took it from…staying awake through the episode she still confidently came on a podcast to talk about. We’re not trying to be negators, but it’s another month of idiocy on 9021OMG!

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