This episode really blows.

Hurricane Chris is bearing down on Capeside, but it can’t really compete with the shitstorm that drama queen Dawson’s been living in since he found out about his mother’s affair and his girlfriend’s sexual experiences. When almost everyone ends up holing up at the Leery house, it becomes impossible for Dawson to escape all the women he’s mad at, so he lefts Gale know he knows, and also ices out Jen. Meanwhile, Bessie and Bodie dodge possibly racist, definitely tactless comments from Grams about the baby Bessie’s about to deliver, although at least that stops them loudly debating circumcision. Escaping all this mess but creating their own elsewhere: Tamara and Pacey, who end up riding out the storm at her place with Pacey’s just-introduced brother, Deputy Doug. Board up the windows and listen to our podcast on “Hurricane”!