March 2024 Digest

Four regular episodes PLUS a slot for Slotnick!

9021OMG has arrived at the real Season 5 doldrums, when the show’s producers tried to make us care about things like how Valerie spent her Jonesy money and David and Clare breaking up. Somehow, the team manages to wedge in commentary on subjects including Tori’s spendthrift tendencies, Tori’s inability to do accents, Tori’s defensiveness about a couple’s too-fast marriage due to pregnancy (hmm wonder why), the Fox lot lemonade stand where Tori shook down her father’s employees for cash, and…Amy’s hemorrhoids. There’s also a special episode in which Joey Slotnick joins us to talk about playing “Tuck” in “Unreal World,” and if you think he might be spared talk of Amy’s colon health…think again. We cover all this and much more in our latest digest!

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  • 📅 Published March 28, 2024