Bitter Homes And Guardians

Directly or indirectly, one small runaway upends everyone's lives.

WELL, Sarah (McBride, to be clear) is still in Los Angeles. Immediately, she determines that the true Megan is meant to be with her dad, and is compliant with everything Ryan tells her to do, starting when he’s still at her boarding school on the other side of the country, yelling at Terry about challenging her custody. Sarah ends up at the beach house where the uncle she never knew she had is imposing on his wife’s employee; when Aunt Amanda comes home, she’s not that interested in getting to know her new niece, but does notice that Sarah, Kyle, and Jane look a lot like a family. Lexi uses the trip back to L.A. to tell Ryan about all the scheming she and Michael have been doing to mess with Ryan and Megan, while Michael does the same for Megan back at the complex; Ryan and Megan are more determined than ever to forgive all their misunderstandings. Eve is still letting Amanda essentially pimp her out to Tony Marlin (non-sexually (so far)); Peter is suspicious about it, but still books that trip to Maui he and Eve had planned, and she’s thrilled. It sure would be a shame if the trip conflicted with the spec commercial Amanda wants Eve to star in! Because, yes, Amanda has figured out how to free up the funds she needs to pay for it: she’s laying off half her staff, including Jane, and Kyle is pissed that Amanda’s ambitions are trampling those of Kyle’s new…………………friend. Surely you don’t have better things to do than listen to our podcast on “Bitter Homes And Guardians,” do you?