November 2021 Digest

We get a couple of guests from the end of Season 2 of Beverly Hills, 90210 — the guy who played the Peach Pit robber; the only remaining Color Me Badd member still performing under that name — but as fans wait for the Summer Of Deception to kick off, Amy (or so it seems?) bullies Jennie and Tori into pausing their 90210 recapping to cover the three episodes of Melrose Place in which 90210 characters appeared. Will Jennie be won over by the earnest twentysomething plotlines? Will Amy and Tori convince her that Michael is, in fact, NOT the man she should pick to marry rather than merely “kiss” or “kick to the curb”? After that one episode Sisanie came back from mat leave for, is she…gone forever? We can’t answer all these questions, but we do dig into the four November episodes (and one from the first week of December) in our latest Again With THEM digest of the 90210MG podcast!

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  • 📅 Published December 9, 2021