November 2023 Digest

Much back-patting for a terrible episode about hate speech...and a Starship Trooper!

9021OMG, Jennie and Tori’s Beverly Hills, 90210 recap podcast, has arrived at a very annoying part of Season 5: Dylan’s drug use. In keeping with their overall vibe, they are being very annoying about it, with Amy drawing parallels to the recent death of Matthew Perry, and Tori primarily wanting to focus on the dream-sequence episode where she gets to dance all sexy on a pool table and then kiss Dylan with her actual tongue. Bad as that is, it’s not a patch on how self-congratulatory they are about…getting in on the ground floor of antisemitism? If you have a drinking game for the words “topical” and “important,” you will not live through their remarks on “Hate Is A Four-Letter Word.” All this PLUS an interview with Casper Van Dien, now that actors who AREN’T under contract to recap this show for I Heart Radio are allowed to discuss their time on it in our digest of the few highs and many lows of 9021OMG’s November 2023 episodes!

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  • 📅 Published November 30, 2023