A Fist Full Of Secrets

After Kyle drunkenly told Peter HIS version of Eve's life story, Peter decides to do his own research.

Having been assaulted, at the end of the previous episode, with Kyle’s version of Eve’s scandalous history, Peter kind of…acts like a grownup? He tells her what he’s heard, then goes to Oakhurst to see what he can find out himself. Unsurprisingly, the small-town fascists make Eve look much more credible by contrast. Back in L.A., Kyle is still a mess, and Ryan is still sniffing around Megan’s restrictive new work schedule. Wilshire Memorial has taken a cue from the rest of the country post-Monica Lewinsky by deciding to educate its staff about sexual harassment. When Michael isn’t trying — and still failing — to confess his charity embezzlement, he’s ignoring everything he was told in his sexual harassment seminar to flirt with a cute new nurse named Audrey. We will TRY not to punch too hard in our podcast on “A Fist Full Of Secrets”!